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Sports stadiums? Conference Rooms? Military Installations? Operations Centers? 500 Seat Lecture Halls? Complete building solution? Managed Multisite System? 15,000 Square Foot house? Or just a cool Art Exhibit? This is just a sampling of the last five years of our work.

Over three decades, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on a diverse portfolio of projects. During that time, we’ve seen it, worked on it, or consulted on the design of it. We work with consultants, manufacturers, and specialist engineers to provide the best possible systems. Made in the USA, but delivered worldwide.

We’re here to help.

Control Systems Programming

PCI has been successfully providing Control Systems Programming for almost three decades.

Our certified staff is capable of producing AMX, Crestron, or Extron solutions to meet any needs.

Digital Signal Processor Programming

DSP programming is a combination of art and science. Our engineers go the extra mile to make sure your message is heard in any type of room. At PCI, we make sure your audio system sounds great too. We hold certifications for Biamp, BSS, ClearOne, and Symetrix.

Remote & On-Site Commissioning

Writing code is great, but our engineers will support your project and help bring it to life. We work with you to tailor the level of support you and your team needs. Some times it’s just a phone call, but other times having an expert in the room what’s best.

Download our remote support software, TeamViewer, here.

A/V System Engineering

If it was easy, you wouldn’t need someone to design the system. Thirty years in business and we’ve seen it all. We’re here to help turn your vision in to real world hardware solutions. From concept to implementation, our team will help you make sense of the complex structures that are required for an easy to use, future forward, technology solution.

Documented & Archived

Our projects are carefully documented, changes captured, and notes stored in our archives. We keep multiple, redundant, copies of our digital records and source code in off site storage.

Project Management

PCI ‘s Project Managers help ease the burden of managing delivery deadlines and the details of the software integration. They’ll be one of the first people you talk to about a project and they’ll be with you, every step of the way.

Custom Control Modules

Each year hundreds of new products are released into the market. How do you keep up with what to control and with what protocols? PCI can help. We develop new integration modules to provide you with peace of mind that new technologies will not derail your programming timeline.

Custom GUI Design

Sometimes you just need a little help getting the GUI to look just right. We can help. We have thousands of GUIs under our belt and know how to implement easy to navigate interfaces that look like pieces of art.


PCI can provide industry certified engineers to help troubleshoot your system. Our budget conscience “time and materials” approach gives you the advantage of solving problems early as opposed to costly system overhauls down the road. Contact us to schedule a PCI engineer today.

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